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Welcome to my blog![1] I am a twenty-two year old mother of one, based in London. This blog started when I felt compelled to publicly reveal that I had a form of cerebral palsy, hemiplegia. Since then, I’ve been here for the heartfelt and informative, such as Breastfeeding with Hemiplegia: a post about navigating breastfeeding when you have physical limitations. There are also moments for my weird sense of humour, like when I wrote several hundred words on the impassioned hate I felt for a ruler as a child. 


Fundamentally, I’m here for people to relate to. Growing up, I didn’t feel like there much was of a platform for disabled people and their stories. So, I hope to embody that person for my younger self. It warms my heart whenever someone with a disability reaches out to say that they connected to one of my posts. 


But able-bodied people, it’s okay, you can hang out too. I’d really like to be a part of the transformation in the way that we perceive disability. And to be honest, that crucially comes from listening to what disabled people have to say. 


Please share my posts along to spread awareness and understanding across the globe. (Not to mention my personal gratification in my writing being read by more people than me).    

Credit is due to my sister, Willow Murray, for being my collaborator when it comes to the photography on this site. 


[1] Enthusiasm is a little foreign to me, but I’m trying to give you the welcome you deserve. 

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